Big Show Bitbox Bit of the Week
The Big Show Language Lab: Understanding Men (good luck with that one!)  Check it out here. READ MORE
Never Turn Your Back On A Train
Hey there smart guy! It's pretty easy to tell where the train is going. It left its tracks! Watch the video here.
This Is Spinal Injury
Listen. We get it. There comes a time in every old rock-n-roll musicians life when they need to sit down before they fal […] READ MORE
The Rubber Chicken Snooze Alarm
Why did the rubber chicken cross the road? She wanted to stretch her legs...and scare the crap out of this guy! Watch t […] READ MORE
Biden 2020 – A Bad Lip Reading
It is well documented that Presidential nominee Joe Biden has a stutter. If you've ever wondered what he's REALLY saying […] READ MORE
‘Bad’ – The Bluegrass Edition
Mashups are always fun and people are always looking for creative ways to do them. See what happens when pop icon Michae […] READ MORE
A 10 Second Lesson in Physics – Taught by the Bull
In case you didn't know, Newton's laws of motion are three physical laws that describe the relationship between a body a […] READ MORE
How To Dive Without Getting Your Hair Wet
Forget about spending hours and hours in a salon. Invest in a great hair piece instead! It's very important NOT to get i […] READ MORE
Cancel Everything!
It's 2020! From Barnum and Bailey animal cruelty crackers to bullet shaped popsicles. Cancel them all! Watch the video h […] READ MORE