Dancing In The Seat

Looks like Mom is so accustomed to his road trip antics, she’s not even phased at all! Watch the video here.

Dogs Doing the Wild Thing

There’s a reason pets are the true stars of the internet… Watch the video here.

Pot Hole – Level 5,000

What is the biggest problem with Willie Nelson Blvd.? All the pot holes! Watch the video here.

The Most Popular Drink of 2019

The “Millennial Generation” officially became old enough to buy booze back in 2002 – and since then, the popularity of specific spirits has dramatically changed. This year, for the first time in nearly 50-years – cocktails made with either Tequila or vodka are no longer in the top 5 “most popular mixed drinks in America”.  Read about it here…

Jeff Pillars’ Santa Scenes from Legacies

Never fear…Jeff Pillars is here! And a darn good Santa at that! Watch the video here.

A Midwest Guy Tours NYC

A guy totally out of place, or a guy much more aware of his surroundings? You decide! Watch the video here.

The Raw Onion Challenge

Sure they have “lots of health benefits” but we don’t recommend this kids!  Watch the video here.

Being Sexy Ain’t Easy

There’s a reason they say “don’t try this at home”!  Watch the video here.

This Song Has The Best Lyrics Ever

Zummm macaron manumananzummm…  Watch the video here.