When and where were you born?
June 16, 1947 in East St. Louis, Illinois

Masters in Education

Favorite food?
Surf and turf

Favorite movie?
Raising Arizona

Favorite song?
Free Bird

Current hobbies?
Sports, current events

Duties with The Big Show?
Regular member of the Ensemble responsible for current content, media news and sports…..

How did you start in this business?
College coach to pro sports to network television to starting my own business. Hanson Enterprises at www.hansonenterprises.net

Any odd habits?
Only one cup of coffee per day when getting up, but with a whole lot of caffeine and lots of sugar and milk and I throw it back like a shooter and/or cough syrup. BAM!!!! Until 24 hours later...


First car?
Ford Falcon

Two Daughters and One Son

First job?
Making doughnuts in a Bakery

Terry has over thirty years of experience in the field of Sports Management and has been a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina since 1991 when he joined Raycom, Inc. as President of the Raycom Management Group. Since 1994 he has owned and operated Hanson Enterprises—a Charlotte-based Sports and Entertainment firm.

Prior to 1990, Hanson was the Vice President of Communications and Broadcasting at the PGA Tour in Ponte Vedra, Florida and was the President of PGA Tour Productions. In these roles, he managed all public relations activities for three Tours, negotiated all major network and cable television contracts and successfully launched "Inside the PGA Tour" and "Inside the PGA Senior Tour" as seen today on Network television. He held that post from 1984 until his move to Charlotte.

From 1978-1984 Hanson worked at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta where he first joined the company as Vice President and General Manager of Turner's North American Soccer League (NASL)professional soccer franchise. Later he became the first head of TBS Sports. In the latter role he took a fledgling regional cable network carrying the Braves and the Hawks into 14 states, helping it to become a bonafide national cable network. He personally signed the first NCAA Football Cable contract, negotiated Turner's entrance into the NBA, engineered the famed Sampson versus Ewing College Basketball game in the early 80's and contracted Louisville and Kentucky for their first ever college basketball match-up. He won two Emmys and two Cable ACE Awards for his work in Braves Baseball, NCAA Football and other sports programming. He also performed on air tasks during his entire tenure at Turner.

Hanson is a native of East St. Louis, Illinois and began his career at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, where he was the head coach in both soccer and baseball, and he was named the National Soccer Coach of the Year in 1974 by the NAIA. Hanson also spent four summers as an associate Scout for two major league baseball teams, and five seasons as a Senior Executive in the North American Soccer League.

He and his wife Patti reside in Charlotte, NC. Their youngest, Elizabeth, graduated from Appalachian State University, and is a teacher in Saint Louis, and was married to Tom Schelmbauer, a mechanical engineer, in November 2007. Son Joe, earned a degree from Belmont Abbey College, and is employed as a corporate recruiter for Stephen James Associates in Charlotte. Daughter Amy Summers has a Journalism degree from the University of Alabama; she and her husband Bill, a physician, had the first grandchildren in the family when their identical twin boys were born in October 1998, and a little girl was born in October 2004. They also reside in Saint Louis.

Favorite saying?
Those who fail to plan, plan to fail

Hopes for the future?
To remain healthy while my wife and I watch our grandchildren grow up


Associate Professor of Sports Management, Head Coach in Baseball and Soccer, President of Major College Football Bowl Game, Managed basketball tournament hosted by Dean Smith's UNC Tarheels, various boards on Sports Management graduate programs, Executive Producer of nationally televised basketball and football packages, Executive Search, NAIA Management Consultant.

Atlanta Braves TV Executive Producer, PGA Tour Executive, NBA TV Executive Producer, Arena Football Consultant, Executive Producer for weekly Motorsports Radio Program, Associate Baseball Scout, NFL Players Association TV Packager, Executive Search, Soccer Executive and Broadcaster, Motorsports League Executive.

College Basketball Television Color Analyst, Professional Soccer Television Color Analyst, Talk Radio Co-Host, regular ensemble member on the John-Boy and Billy Big Show radio program, which is nationally syndicated.