When and where were you born?
August 16, Gastonia, NC

Hometown and high school?
Gastonia, NC, Hunter Huss High

Gaston College, Electronics & Technical Electronics Service

Hobbies as a child?
Electronics, Radio Broadcasting

Favorite food?
Fried Chicken

Favorite movie?
The Wizard of Oz (I know, I know...)

Favorite song?
That depends entirely on what I'm doing at the time. I like everything from Jazz to doo-woop.

Current hobbies?
Restoring Classic Cars, Audio and Video editing and yes, Apple Computers - my daughter and I buy, repair and sell Apple Computer products.

Duties with The Big Show?
Executive Producer, General Manager (yes, really)

How did you start in this business?
My father owned a tiny little AM Radio Station when I was born. It was the family business until I was in High School. Radio is all I've ever known. Sad isn't it.

Any entertainment background you want to include?
I was Scooby Doo one summer at Carowinds Theme Park. Does that help?

Any odd habits?
I just can't resist a clearance item. I'm a real sucker for anything marked half-off. Also, I'm a little more than a tab obsessivecompulsive. Not a real good combination for my retirement planning!

Are you married, and if so, how long?
God yes...since 1985.

Children...first names and ages?
One daughter - Miranda. She's now 22 and a proud student at High Point University where she is majoring in Interactive Media and Video Game Design. (Behold the power of dominate geek genes!)

2 dogs; A Sheltie named Earle the Wonder Dog and Sami - The World's Sweetest Jack Russell Terrier.

What famous person would you like to meet ?
I still gotta go with Neil Armstrong on this one - but now that he's where he is, I'm not in quite as big of a hurry…

If you could be any one person for a day...who would it be?
Definitely John Boy - but only if he was going to be me on the same day...then I'd show him...I mean me...or him...

First car?
1969 Chevrolet Malibu. Three on the tree. Bald tires and a blown head gasket - just five more payments and it's all mine!

First job?
Worked for my Dad at the radio station - but didn't get paid...first "paying gig" was as a bus boy at Harry-O's fish camp. My first radio job came along in 1978. It was a small Top-40 station in Dallas, NC (WAAK-96). That's where I first met another radiogeek named Billy James - we've been friends ever since.

Favorite saying?
Do good things and good things will happen. - Earl Hickey

Best memory on the show?
Broadcasting live from the White House...

Most interesting guest?
I think all of our guests are interesting. I'm always amazed at how normal the celebrities we have in seem to be.

Hopes for the future?
The future?! - I'm just trying to make it through today!