When and where were you born?
Febuary 17th, 1964 - Charlotte, NC

Hometown and high school?
Charlotte - Paw Creek ( private school )

Associates Degre in criminal justice

Hobbies as a child?
Models and bikes

Favorite food?
Japanese cuisine

Favorite movie?
Blazing Saddles

Favorite song?
Fat Bottom Girls - Queen

Current hobbies?
Harley Davidson

Duties with The Big Show?
Director of Merchandising

How did you start in this business?
Started out as a police officer handling security for JB&B

Are you married, and if so, how long?
10 years to Wendy
Children...first names and ages?
Hannah - 7

2 dogs - labs, 2 stray cats

What famous person would you like to meet ?
George Bush

First car?
1976 Pontiac Le Mans

First job?
Dairy Queen

Favorite saying?
What goes around comes around

Best memory on the show?
The show after Earnhardt was killed..showed the true human side of the show and their concern for others

Most interesting guest?
Jay Honeycutt - NASA

Hopes for the future?
Retirement and more family time