Where were you born?
Tyler, Texas

Hometown and high school?
Tyler, John Tyler High School

On the job

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Firefighter – I was a volunteer since the six grade, firehouse was across the street from school and best friend was Chief's son. I remember jumping out classroom window and running to firehouse to catch a truck to fight grass fires. / Helicopter pilot

Duties with the Big Show?
Designing, building, and maintaining the systems that run the Big Show.

Favorite food?
Roz's crawfish etouffee. (Mother-inlaw)

Favorite movie?
The Matrix Trilogy

Favorite song?
Little Wing – Stevie Ray Vaughn

Favorite band of all time?
Led Zeppelin

How did you get started in this business?
Helping a friend of a friend do some tower work.

Any entertainment background you wish to include?
I worked live sound around Texas, I was the monitor engineer and sometimes the FOH engineer.

Marital status?

4 – Jacob, Michael, Brittany, and Lilly

First car?
1972 Chevy Truck

What would be your ultimate vacation?
Dubai – All expenses paid – for a month

First job?
Installing car steareos