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John Boy & Billy's best-selling album collections are available for download from the iTunes Music Store, America's premiere source for digital downloads. Single-disc albums are just $9.99, or you can buy individual tracks for just 99¢ each. You order the music directly through the iTunes player, so be sure to download the player first.

Get down, get silly
We'll be regularly adding new JB&B albums to the iTunes Music store. If you don't see your favorite yet, keep checking. Albums currently available include "Best of Twenty", "Rough Cuts", "Two for the Show", "Barrel of Laughs", and many more!

Now you can get instant access to some of your Big Show favorites like Married Man, Hoyt, Mad Max, Marvin, and more.

You say you want a revolution
Apple's iTunes Music Store has revolutionized the world of downloadable music. You can grab your favorites - by album or by individual tracks -- from the five major music companies, and lots of independent labels, too. Your downloaded music can be shared on five computers, and you even can burn your own audio CDs.

Hit the road, Jack
iTunes music is perfect for Apple's iPod, the world's number one portable digital music player. iTunes and iPod are compatible with your existing MP3 libraries. And the iTunes Music Store is now available for both Macintosh and PC systems.

With a little help from our friends
JB&B's iTunes storefront was put together with lots of help from our good friends at Dualtone Music Group -- home of June Carter Cash, Victoria Williams, Hayseed Dixie, Chris Knight, and tons of other great artists. You can download your favorite Dualtone artists from the iTunes Music Store too.

iTunes is free
Complete your Big Show album collection at the home of downloads done right -- the iTunes Music Store. Click the download link at the top of the page to get started.
iPod and iTunes

Instantly buy and download music from the iTunes Music Store

Play your existing MP3 music libraries

Share music within the same household

Add and view album cover artwork

Burn DVD archives of your music

Speedy keyword searches

Check out the latest from June Carter Cash, Hayseed Dixie, Chris Knight, and more at Dualtone.com


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