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John Boy Jeopardy

Here you can view the most recent answer to John Boy Jeopardy plus a random selection of four older answers. Click on the 'click here to see the question' button to see the question to the answer.

Dumb Crook News

America's dumbest take on America's finest in these tales of criminal idiocy...

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The Number 1 reason to check out this section? It's a great way to waste time at work!!

Nascar Stuff

How bad have you got it? You'll have it worse reading this stuff.

JB&B Songbook

If you can't get no Satisfaction, don't be a Beast of Burden, Roll on over to the JB&B Songbook.

Southern Stuff

Yall should definitely click on this here link thing.

Men & Woman

The epic battle of male vs. female is told through these tales of love and hate.


Don't let the boss see you here!

Grab Bag

Ok, so we got lazy and decided to just throw the rest in here. Take a look.

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